About Us

ThreePlants is founded by Siddharth Talesara & Aman Talesara. 
While working at the terrace garden they got an idea to sell the plants and their accessories online by making it convenient for all the people out there on internet searching to buy amazing quality plants at a  reasonable price.

Siddharth Talesara (Co-founder) manages all the technological department of the company. Making efforts day and night to make it more fast, accessible and reliable. Siddharth has one more business going side by this known as Three Sides. And off course the name of the business is by the inspiration of his other company.

Aman Talesara(Co-founder) manages the sales and marketing department of the company. He is the backbone of the company. Because of his experience in business for the last 5 years makes it much easier to have a clear mindset on the priorities. He also runs business other than this which include M.Mehta Traders.